6 Must-Know Tips For Styling A Bar Cart

Take a shot at styling your own bar.

How To Style A Bar Cart
Courtesy of Helynn Ospina for Homepolish.

We have always loved a good bar cart. So when we had the opportunity to redecorate the Lonny offices with expert Homepolish designer Gracie Turner, we knew that we had to get one for ourselves. Once we received our beautiful base—a nickel plated cart with mirrored shelves—we made sure to stock up our bar. Not only did we get a solid amount of the good stuff thanks to the amazing folks at Campari America, but we also got set up with tools and décor that really elevated the cart. Check out our tips to see how to style a bar cart of your own.

How To Style A Bar Cart
Courtesy of Helynn Ospina for Homepolish.

1. Anchor With An Accent Piece

Bring attention to your cart with a work of art or fun accent piece like our amazing Juju hat from AllModern. Not only will it look great, but it can set the mood for your bar.

2. Get The Right Tools

While you may have gotten away with pouring soda and alcohol into a red cup and calling it a cocktail back in college, you can do much better than that now. Make sure to set up your bar with a cocktail shaker, jigger, stirrer, and strainer to help you make a real drink.

3. Have A Cocktail Library

Not sure how to make any specialty cocktails? Curate a collection of cool recipe books for your cart. Not only are they fun to peruse, but they can also help you make your guest's go-to order in a pinch.

How To Style A Bar Cart
Courtesy of Helynn Ospina for Homepolish.

4. Include Marble Accents

One of our favorite parts of our table is the marble cutting board. Not only is it a classic surface that elevates your cart, but it also is a great base for crafting your drinks.

5. Add Some Green

Bring some life to the party with a touch of green. We used an antique vase to hold these pretty blooms.

6. Bury Your Booze

Leave the majority of your bottles on the bottom shelf. Unless you have a something special to put on display, there's no need to have them in the way.

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