This London Flat Features Sketch's Chairs — And SO Much More

Designer duo Tata Naka is taking on home design.

Courtesy of Tata Naka.

Identical twin sisters Tamara and Natasha Surguladze are such a dynamic duo that they respond to the same name name: Tata Naka. Upon graduating from university, the design-savvy sisters launched their very first fashion collection together, launching their namesake label. From there, they went on to receive awards from the British Fashion Council at London Fashion Week not once, not twice, but three times in a row. Their collections continue to be both clean and modern, yet vibrant and symbolic, encompassing everything from ready-to-wear to accessories to footwear. But, as you may guess, their capacity to create extends far beyond fashion. 

The Surguladze sisters' designs are anything but boring, filled with color, texture, and even references to their Georgian roots. Tata and Naka were born in Tbisili, and find inspiration in 1920s Georgian literature and even floral Russian shawls that date back to the 1800s. Equipped with a global perspective and thorough understanding of aesthetics, Tata Naka are taking their eclectic, bold style to the next level: inside the home.

In their most recent home decor project, this sisterly team created a masterpiece of texture, pastels, art, and tons of personality. Upon seeing this home for the first time on Instagram, we nearly fell out of our chairs. So, it should come as no surprise that we reached out to the sisters directly to find out how exactly this space came to life — the inspiration, the creative process, and the key pieces. Here's what Tamara Surguladze, also known as Tata, had to say. 

This London Flat Features Sketch's Chairs — And SO Much More
Courtesy of Tata Naka.

Lonny: Each room in this home — every nook and cranny — is bright and unique, yet they all flow together so seamlessly. From where do you find design inspiration to create a home like that? 

Tata: "The inspiration can come from anywhere, it could be from something basic or something completely unexpected. When working on our clothing line, we choose a theme each season and then research and explore it, and we love to see where this leads us.
The same translates to interiors. We love to tell a story." 

Lonny: What was your main source of inspiration for this particular space?

Tata: "Colour scheme was a main point. The clients love the colour pink and we wanted to work around that in an interesting and fresh way. We wanted to build a story mixing soft colours and interesting textures." 

Lonny: Throughout the design process, how did you make sure you were meeting the client's needs? 

Tata: "We were very lucky because the client already loved the Tata Naka brand. She wanted to incorporate the same eclectic and colourful aesthetic to her home, which worked really well. We loved working with her."

Lonny: What was the major goal for this home that you and your team collectively aimed for throughout the design process? 

Tata: "We knew we wanted to build together a space which would incorporate eclectic mix of styles. That was really the theme that tied this space together."

This London Flat Features Sketch's Chairs — And SO Much More
Courtesy of Tata Naka.

Lonny: Each piece in this home is whimsical and holds a lot of character. From where do you source furniture like that?

Tata: "We source furniture from all over — researching and sourcing is one of our favourite things to do. We regularly go to Saloni di Mobile in Milan, which is always a great source if inspiration." 

Lonny: What are some of your favorite pieces in this space — the ones that speak the most to you?

Tata: "The marble dining table is a special piece, designed by Patricia Urquiola for Budri. The coffee table, another favourite, is a Magic Stone table by Rooms Design. The fringe velvet sofa is by Munna, and the pink armchairs are by India Mahdavi. Also, the totem floor light is a custom design by Jamie Julien Brown.
Finally, the client has a great collection of contemporary art, which really complemented the interior."

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